Monday, August 10, 2009

it pays to do surveys

Back in May I received an e-mail from a marketing firm asking whether I'd be interested in participating in a product test for the scrapbooking industry. They only said that the product test would be interesting and exciting. If I agreed to participate, in the next few days I'd receive a package in the mail with instructions and the first product to test. After using the product for about a week, I'd receive an e-mail asking me to fill out an online survey about the product, which I was to complete by June 8th. I'd then receive another product in the mail to test, followed by another survey, to be completed by June 15th.

About a month after finishing the second survey, I received a link to a follow-up survey. After completing the third survey and returning all the test products, I received a package containing an incentive payment of $50 PLUS $50 in scrapbooking products pictured here! Sweet, eh?! Well, I'm curious, and they'd provided an e-mail address in their e-mail should I have any questions ... I wanted to know how they selected me to participate. They told me it was from my responding to a survey about adhesives.

The product test ended up being Tombow, and I just happened to be running out of my Tombow liquid glue, so it couldn't have come at a better time! And, I was just working on a stash of cards for the Cards For Heroes organization! Thanx, Tombow - call on me any time!

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Enjoy your new goodies! Way to go!