Saturday, August 15, 2009

it was 40 years ago today

No, NOT Sgt. Pepper ... do you realize it was forty years ago today that some 400,000 people camped out on the land of Max Yasgur's farm, in Bethel, N.Y., on Aug. 15-17, 1969, to celebrate three days of peace and music at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair?! How time flies when you're having fun, eh?!

There's a new Woodstock movie being released - I worked at a theater when the first one came out and probably saw most of it about 20 times! Back in the day of single screens, I had to return to the candy counter any time someone in the audience got up but otherwise could watch all the movies I liked. Yeah, I'm a movie-aholic, and interested in catching the new release!

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