Saturday, October 17, 2009

a strange coincidence

Just last week during a program on (methinks) the History Channel, there was a snippet about old diners and my DH and I spotted the former "Uncle Bob's" diner that had been located in Flint MI (tho' by picture only, no audio noting it as such).

A bit of history is in order (for a more detailed history, check out Gordon Young's post at the Flint Expatriates blog): Artists Jerry Berta and Madeline Kaczmarczyk purchased the long-since closed Flint MI diner in 1986 for a reported $2K and had it moved to Rockford MI where they restored it (to the tune of $50K) and converted it into a studio and gallery, renaming it, appropriately, the DINER store. They've since purchased (and then sold) other diners that I believe still operate AS diners and run a diner-related putt-putt, at the same location.

And yet another coincidence? I was just checking Facebook updates and happened upon a messsage from the kind folkes at Great Lakes Art Fair, and guess what?! ... OK, you can quit guessing! Jerry Berta is displaying his wares in Novi this weekend (Oct 16-18) at the Rock Financial Showplace. Now, the big question is, can I talk my DH into stopping by on our way to visit my family tomorrow?! Hey, it's kinda sorta on our way, if we take a different route than normal ...


Jan Scholl said...

I ate at Uncle Bob's Diner with four generations of my family. My sister also worked there in the 70's. Only three more years would have made it a fiver. If only someone would grab it back and place it back on Harrison.

mary hellen said...

One of the Dinner's is in Grand Rapids,MI. at the end of 28th Street, in the D&W shopping center.