Sunday, November 8, 2009

giving thanks

My hybrid card today uses one of my latest CTMH stamp sets - Grateful Hearts. I don't recall now where I'd first spotted this printable but it's available in both color and b&w versions from the kind folkes at Everything Creative's Etsy shop. Today's is a quick card; I simply printed the printable's color version on ivory card stock, mounted it on chocolate chip, popped that up on ivory card base, added a couple little sentiments, and voila! Easy peasy. I'd meant to do more stamping today but instead we did some much needed cleaning - the guys tackled the leaves outside, while I tackled some of my piles inside. I'm a hoarder and had started a pile of magazines behind my end table next to my fav chair in the living room and I've got to admit it was getting pretty large. Some hit the recycle bin and some are headed in to work with me tomorrow. I occasionally drop some mags off at a break room at work. Then there's the pile of "to do" things that had grown on my PC table. I'm glad to report that both piles shrunk considerably today!

Anyway, clearing out the mags, doing my bank reconciliation, and posting the past week's banking entries onto Quicken took most of the morning. I'm a creature of habit and usually do my banking on Saturday mornings but yesterday we switched routers on our main PC. THAT corrected a problem we'd been experiencing where we kept getting disconnected from the Internet, then automatically reconnected ... I'd kept track and some days it was every 20 minutes or so. For someone addicted to the Internet, this is not acceptable! We tried switching our modem first - we rent a cable modem from the kind folkes at Comcast (IMHO friends don't let friends use dial-up!) - but that was last weekend's project and it didn't resolve the issue. Well, I'm glad to report that, after some hiccups yesterday, it appears we've been successful! Whoo hoo! But ... I'm rambling now, aren't I?! Sorry 'bout that! Back to today's card ...

stamps: CTMH's Grateful Hearts; paper: A1's Natural White, SU's Chocolate Chip card stocks; ink: SU's Chocolate Chip; accessories: Everything Creative's Giving Thanks printable

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Janine said...

Great job Sue!! Hope all is well with you!! Have a great evening!