Wednesday, November 25, 2009

happy b'day Robin

My cousin's birthday was this past weekend and I'm posting her card early thru the miracle of modern science (ok, that and Google's timed post option), but I've delayed its post date as I'm mailing it late. I don't think I've seen Robin since she got married! BAD cousins! My sister and I flew together to VA where they lived then and joined the celebrations with my folkes, who I believe drove over earlier for an extended stay. Methinks they had their pop-top camper conversion van then, but I recall we all stayed at a hotel intended for guests.

No deets to share today except that this was today's make-'n-take at CAM. Garrett and I stopped there on way to errands at Barnes & Noble, and Best Buy. We got some Christmas shopping done and picked up a late lunch / early supper on the way home ... and I'm making this a quick post as I SHOULD be cleaning. We're hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year. So much to do and so little time, y'know?!

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