Monday, May 31, 2010

happy Memorial Day

Hope everyone's having a nice relaxing time with family and friends. On this Memorial Day we stayed home and enjoyed a cookout (can I still call it that even tho' we moved the grill into the garage to cook 'cuz the weather was threatening rain?) with local family, bowled on the wii, and had a t'riffic dessert sampler (5 desserts in all - tiramisu, cheesecake, cut fruit, cupcakes, and bumpy tea cake - it's my fav, by Sanders, a Detroit MI company).

I'm packaging up a box of cards to send to our heroes in the military through Operation Write Home in honor of the holiday, and thought you may want to join me! What better way to celebrate Memorial Day, eh?! OWH can use a variety of themed cards so I think it's good to occasionally weed thru the cards in our stashes and think of our heroes. If you've been making more cards than you can use lately, please think of them, won't you?! They've some restrictions - #1 - no glitter - so check their site for more info, please!

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