Saturday, September 4, 2010

Home is where Love is

I've been out and about, supporting the local economy again. I met my buddy Kim Saturday morning for breakfast before heading to the every other Saturday make-'n-take at Karen's Creative Stamping where we made this and another cutie card, and I made a pair of 6x6" scrapbook pages. It's the last of this themed scrapbook and we'll be taking a break while Karen develops the next scrapbook.

Anyway, I was impulse shopping and picked up both sentiment stamps that Karen's DH made for this weekend. They create a Stamp of the Month which is offered at a substantial savings over their regularly priced stamps (which are pretty reasonably priced already), but I couldn't sway Karen to offer one or both of these for the month's stamp - you see, she hadn't decided on a stamp yet for this month's offering, tho' we teased her about it being SEPTEMBER, already! (Hi Karen! wink!)

... and on strange coincidences? The card pictured above used some funky paper that one of the gals who works at Karen's demonstrated how to distress using Ranger distress inks. She misted and crumbled the yellow paper, then methinks used a couple colors of distress ink to rub over the wrinkled result after first flattening it back out. Any WHAT's the coincidence, you ask? I just happened to be carrying a similar project - a tag this time - that I had from a similar make-'n-take from Capture-a-Memory, another shop across town that I also frequent (you see, I'm blessed in that we have two papercraft stores located nearby!). Anywho, I had put it in the front mesh pocket of my tape carryall bag, and my buddy Kim asked me about it while we were walking to Karen's from our cars.

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