Saturday, September 4, 2010

sigh ... things I love

I'm sometimes an impulse purchaser ... ok, I admit it ... and I'm blessed to be married to someone who only occasionally teases or sighs about it. This weekend, while I SHOULD have been showering and getting ready to go meet my buddy for b'fast, I was surfing the Web and checking out blogs and came across THIS sweetie (thanx, Cath - I LOVE these "collections" inspiration posts). And the rest, as they say, is history! I'm so glad there was still one available - and tho' I don't wear jewelry very often, I've always loved lockets and realized I'd never purchased one for myself. This baby's shipped already ... it's mine in just a few short days. See Sue. See Sue smile.

And my DH's response? "I hope it doesn't arrive in kit form." You see, my last piece of jewelry ordered online was a big bead watch kit ... you pick a color combo, large vs. smaller chunky beads, and a watch, and receive directions and kit. And so, yeah, I ordered it ... in early March. The issue? You got it - it's still sitting on the end table next to my favorite chair, waiting to be assembled.

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