Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I LOVE trees

when we first moved into our current home it had four trees in the front yard - one pine no taller than our knees, one feathery-looking one, a crabapple near the road by our driveway, a decorative berry one just outside our kitchen window, and only one tree in the back ... a small maple that shed just enough shade to prop our kids' blow-up pool under. we've since added three more out back - all maples, but in varying colors. the original's dark yellow/brown, and we have a yellow, orange, and dark red. the dark red hasn't even begun to show signs of turning, but here's the orange one. the yellow one's next to it and the dark red one's behind it, just inside our fence. the original maple in the back is to the orange one's left. it's strange that, tho' it's the oldest of the trees, it's also the smallest. I'm so glad we added more trees out back. pretty, eh?!

autumn's my sister's favorite season. I like spring, summer, and fall equally!

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