Thursday, October 6, 2011

on Macs and Steve Jobs

Our first computer was a MacIntosh ... I know, I'm showing my years here ... purchased some time between '84-'85. I was the holdout in our family. My DH and I both worked on computers all day, at that time as programmers for GM, and I couldn't fathom coming home and working on one more. I remember my DH arguing his case ... I could do my golf league standings, and organize recipes and our holiday card list on it. Every time I already had a process I was fine with. I LIKE my roll top desk-look recipe file. I had this 1-pg list of Christmas card exchanges that I updated annually. I LIKE playing with the numbers on the standings. Eventually I "gave" and now guess who uses it most?! (grins)

I remember when Windows 95 was introduced and the media made SUCH a big deal about it, coming home and telling my DH, "Look honey, Mac'84!"

I'm looking forward to reading more about Jobs in his autobiography, now pushed forward to be released later this month. Rest in peace, Steve!

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Jan Scholl said... MY first computer.