Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy b'day to me!

Guess what I got for my birthday from my DH? OK, so you already saw the pic, so you guessed this kewl portable photo studio? Well, if so, you'd be RIGHT! He picked it up on sale in mid-January and SAID I could start using it then (I spotted it ... altogether innocently, mind you!), but I held out 'til my b'day this weekend.

This portable photo studio comes complete w the 2 studio quality high output lights, 2 backgrounds (the blue one, pictured, and a grey one), camera stand, nylon diffuser screen, and carry case. If you'd like one, they're available at Ritz Camera shops and online.

Oh ... and Happy Easter, all! We've been ill this past week and are still in recovery mode so staying close to home this year. I think I'll go play w my new toy!

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denise said...

How cool! Happy Birthday.