Saturday, March 1, 2008

take your time - recuperate!

A buddy of mine's recuperating from recent surgery and a few of us visited last week, taking over a batch of goodies for her ... of the stampin' variety, that is! Well, that and chocolate, anyhow! LOL!

Anywho, I made this card to give her along with a bottle I decorated that held her favorite chocolates ... hmmnn ... which I apparently didn't get a picture of beforehand (maybe more on that one later)?!

stamps: SU's Stem Silhouettes, Two-Step Stampin Mini Messages, Vases in Vogue; paper: Bohemia' Bliss, hp's transparency film; ink: Color Box's peach pastel and rose coral; accessories: ribbon I'd saved from a flower arrangment; tools: 1-3/8" circle and circle scallop punches (the strange thing bein' that I borrowed them the prior week from the same sicko friend ... grins!)


Susan (rainy) said...

What better to cheer your friend than some lovely stamped 'goodies'... and yes the chocolate of course!

Claudia said...

Hi Sue - I love the card! Also, I have been meaning to tell you - I love the photo you added to your blog.