Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! This is a card I made at our closest Archiver's last year. I went to a make-'n-take there with a few friends to support the local economy. It was my first time using flocking on a card ... on one of the bats. All supplies were from Archiver's. I like 'em all, and will prob'ly CASE this again some time!

We just returned from trick-or-treating, and am back to enjoy the fruits of our labor! I'm restricting myself to just eating the bite-size milky ways ... the rest go to Geoff, my eldest. This year he decided we should take in a neighbor's haunted house ... make that their haunted garage. They go all out and this year have a chain saw murderer in there capturing unsuspicious people (really, they're other neighbors who join in the fun). Complete with a graveyard leading up the driveway where folkes have to line up to enter (it's getting more popular every year with the locals), some decide right then and there to turn back! This year we'd just entered the garage and made our first turn in a small maze, where Geoff freaked out when a person in a prison reached out, asking him to please help her outta there ... that was enough ... so we had to backtrack outta the place! Maybe next year ...

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Allison said...

Such a fun creation! Simple but effective!