Thursday, October 23, 2008

Octoberfest 2008

Sounds like a beer festival, doesn't it?! NOT! I attended Octoberfest 2008 at my LSS this past weekend (CAM, link at right) where we made 3 t'riffic projects pictured at left! I'll cover 'em in more detail over the next few days, starting w the Live, Laugh, Love, Learn booklet ...

This was my favorite project, and measures 3-1/2 x 5-3/8". It was simple to make but doesn't look it (I LOVE those types of projects!). The binding was made from a single piece of 3-1/2 x 12" cardstock, scored at 2", then 8 times scored at 1" intervals, leaving 2" at the opposite end. We used a pretty DCS for the covers, a few complementary cardstock colors and an open ended folder die cut for the 4 interior pages, and inserted ready-made tags into those folders (exchanging some pretty ribbon for the usual strings on those tags). We stamped the covers and folder pages with the Live, Laugh, Love, Learn sentiments and a few flower stamps. I'm a chalker so I rounded corners and chalked edges. The hardest part was probably punching thru all those layers of cardstock! I ended up using the Crop-a-dile and taking it a couple pages at a time, aligning the holes as I went. We closed 'em with some pretty ribbon (being careful to not tie 'em too tight, as we still want to be able to open the booklet) ... Voila! Easy peasy! There's still room enough on each of the 4 folder pages and on the tags to be able to add either pics or quotes or a combination of both.

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