Saturday, September 12, 2009

gals day IN?!

My Mom and Sis stopped up after I got out of work Thursday. We've not been great at making time for "gals day out" outings lately but are trying to get together maybe once a month or so recently. I'd completely forgotten that I'd probably have to work late and when I rec'd my sister's e-mail reminder in the morning at work, we agreed to play it by ear and meet up at my place and I'd pick out a DVD. We picked up one that I'd highly recommended that I saw when the movie was playing in theaters but we never got to - Ghost Town - and I got it at a steal for $9.99 at Walmart - go figure! Awesome flick - a 5/5 star pick! Go rent it if you've not seen it yet! NOW!

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Kimmi said...

Loving the movie reviews - please continue!