Monday, July 5, 2010

Bay City fireworks

I'm not even sure whether others can see this video if you're not friends on Facebook, but a coworker friend and her son took in the Bay City MI fireworks and posted videos - here's one of 'em - and it looks like they were DA BOMB! I love fireworks ... and a parade ... and museums ... and zoos ... and ... I'm just sayin' ...

The Bay City Fireworks Festival is one of the greatest fireworks shows/festivals in Michigan. People come from all over the Midwest to see the show. The festival's a 3-day event, with entertainment daily (think beauty pageant, carnival, dinner cruise, live music, and fireworks). It's all held in a couple parks by the Saginaw River, providing great viewing locations all around the park's area, as you can see from the video.

The Blondin household took in the Saginaw and Midland and Washington DC fireworks shows from the comfort of the living room this year, a first for us. We're experiencing 90+ degree Fahrenheit days here in Michigan, and with the mugginess and mosquitoes, even I decided it was just too oppressive to venture out. It's definitely gonna be "bring a cooler" weather for golf this week!

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