Friday, July 2, 2010

Jenny and Nick update

I'm not one to include much personal info online and generally reserve my blog and facebook mirror posts for all things cards- and movie-related but wanted to share that my niece Jenny and her son Nick are recovering from injuries they received from a car accident they were in on late afternoon Monday. Karen just set up a healing page for updates and asked me to share it with family and friends but I've since learned it didn't work and you need to be personally invited to view the page. We believe in the power of prayer and if you happen by this post ask for your prayers for a speedy recovery for them both. Thanx, everyone.

Karen posted this a.m.:
Hi, this is Jenn's mom. Quick post. Jenn's doing better by the day. Yesterday chest tubes were removed. Today the feeding tube in her nose and oxygen tube in her throat will be replaced with minimally evasive tubes in throat and tummy. That's happening at 10. She's still sleeping/unconscious, but stirring.

Nick's doing better as well. He's semi-sleeping. I'm going down now to say good morning to him. I'll focus more on this site when I have a minute.

Love, Karen

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