Monday, July 5, 2010

updates on Jen and Nick

Thanx so much for your continued prayers!

Monday updates: Today while a friend of the family, Cindy, was talking to Jen, every time she mentioned the boys, either generally or by name, Jen would squeeze either G'pa Mike's or Cindy's hand so hard, sometimes it hurt. Cindy told her when she left that she'd come back in a few days, and Jen squeezed Cindy's hand so hard she had to pry her fingers out of Jen's grip; you could also see the muscles on her eyelids working hard to open. Jen's been breathing on her own now for 24 hours.

Nick sat quietly in his G'ma Karen's lap this evening. When Karen started blowing bubbles (she picked up a Toy Story air bubble blowing gun during quick trip we made to the Rite Aid across the street from the hospital on Saturday), he at one point reached up with his right hand an popped 2 with his pointing finger. This morning he told his Dad, "I love you Daddy," and later in therapy walked 15 steps - first using a mini walker, and later holding his Dad's hand.

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