Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Think your day's busy?!

Think your day's busy? Check out Jenn's daily routine:

Her morning starts at 7:00 with the new shift and visits from the hospital floor's tech and nurse and physician's assistant who check vitals and meds.

Around 8:15 the occupational therapist (OT) does ROM (range of motion).
At 10 the physical therapist (PT) does ROM.
At 10:30 she naps.
At 11 the PT/OT work together.
At 11:30 it's speech therapy (ST).
From noon 'til 1:00 she rests.
At 1 it's PT/OT again.
From 1:30-2:30 she rests.
At 2:30 it's ST again.
From 3-4 she rests.
At 4 it's recreational therapy.
At 4:30 she naps.

While all this is going on she also has the boots on her feet preventing "toe drop." They're put on for 4 hours, then taken off for 2 hours, and repeated, 24 hours/7 days a week.

While all this is going on she also has her body lifted and shifted from her right side to her left and back again every two hours to prevent bedsores. This is also done 24/7.

Thanks again for all your continued prayers. I'll write soon and tell you about improvements since Saturday!

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Nat said...

yes this is a busy day, I am so sorry to hear about the accident. Being in the Hospital is not fun,I am sending good thoughts your way for her speedy recovery!
Hugs, Nat.