Friday, April 29, 2011

happy Arbor Day!

Greetings and happy Arbor Day to you from a self-professed tree-aholic ... just ask my DH!

I've only planted a few trees in my back yard, but you'd think I'd over-forested the area according to him. He'd prefer we remove at least one of them, while you'll find me extolling the virtues of adding yet another to the front near the southwest corner of our house. I'd love to have a Red Bud tree there ... sigh. It's what I ask for any time he asks for anniversary or birthday wishes.

Today's a great day to celebrate trees and I've a few fast figures for you, compliments of and
  • 25 billion
    The number of styrofoam cups thrown away every year by Americans
  • 50 million
    The number of homes that could be heated for 20 years with the amount of wood and paper we throw away each year
  • 40 million
    The number of acres of tropical rainforests, equivalent to the size of California, that are destroyed by burning or logging each year
  • 25 million
    The number of trees saved if every American recycled one-tenth of their newspapers
Check out the Arbor Day Foundation or for additional info including the history or Arbor Day. And, I hope that you're able to head out to your nearest park and enjoy and/or plant a tree today!

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