Wednesday, April 6, 2011

movie night at the Blondins

Sure, you may THINK of it as fate, but it COULD just be these non-human guys all wearing hats whose purpose in life is to make sure your life follows its predetermined path ... or you COULD have just seen The Adjustment Bureau, as I did! I rec'd an email from movieTickets, and while scoping out the upcoming movies, also checked what was currently playing at my local theater. This movie was now only showing at 8:40 p.m. so I guessed that meant the kiss of death - that the movie wouldn't be showing when Friday's new releases hit the theater, and I guessed right ... so we took in a mid-week movie!

It was really good, IMHO ... but I'm prejudiced 'cuz I think I could be a Matt Damon groupie. I LOVED the Bourne trilogy, but wasn't as crazy about The Hereafter. We watched that last weekend on DVD. I like having the movie theater experience and REALLY love large screen showings, tho' I don't know of any besides the IMAX screens in the area any more. Sigh ...

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