Wednesday, April 6, 2011

nat'l start walking day

I forgot all about posting my personal challenge to try to walk 10,000 steps today in honor of it being National Start! Walking Day. The kind folkes at the American Heart Association provide tool kits in the hopes that more work places will encourage their employees to wear sneakers to work and take at least 30 minutes out of their day to get up and walk. Taking just 10 minutes three times a day to walk will help you live longer. In fact, studies show that just one hour of vigorous exercise will increase your life expectancy by two hours!

I'd started a walking program this past November trying to average 5,000 steps daily. In March I signed on with WalkingSpree, where I can upload my pedometer stats and track my food intake, exercise, and measurements online. So far it's been okay and I've been averaging 7,027 steps daily. I'd been trying to walk 7,000 steps M-Th as I don't walk that much on weekends, but that's changed this month too. I'm back to hoofing it around the local mall on Saturdays. While I haven't lost any weight yet, I DO feel my clothes getting looser. Life is good!

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