Sunday, April 24, 2011


I used a pinwheel cut from designer paper using a die from CAM (Capture-A-Memory, a Flint-area paper crafting store I frequent) for today's card - that and complementary cardstock is all this CAS Easter card took, add a bit of ribbon, and voilĂ ! My final Easter card for 2011! Thanx, CAM! I needed that!

Those mailing their pinwheel cards flattened their pinwheels. Mine's being hand-delivered on Sunday - sigh, the only Easter cards that will be on time this year besides the eCards I try to send!

Hope you have a t'riffic Easter!


Sandy Ang said...

So fun to have a pinwheel on your card

Anonymous said...

Everything I fantasize about making lately is going to look blah after it gets flattened. I'm thinking of different "inventions" to help.