Friday, April 22, 2011

happy Earth Day!

I'm on a trip down Memory Lane ... and celebrating Earth Day (and Good Friday) today!

Forty-one years ago today (my, doesn't time fly?!) I'd skipped classes and taken the train downtown into Philadelphia to celebrate the first Earth Day festivities, and was listening to speakers and music in Fairmount Park. US Senator Edmund Muskie, consumer protection activist Ralph Nader, landscape architect Ian McHarg, biochemist George Wald, US Senate Minority Leader Hugh Scott, and poet Allen Ginsberg were there. The celebration was the culmination of a week's long series of activities with a common theme - to raise public awareness of environmental problems and their potential solutions.

I'm constantly surprised when I meet people who DON'T actively support recycling, especially when they're younger than me. I hope you do!

Today Earth Day's observed in 175 countries and is considered to be the largest secular holiday in the world, celebrated by more than a half billion people every year.

OK, back to the present ... I'm still working on Easter cards! sigh ...

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KER said...

wow that was a day huh?...i so wish i had been there