Monday, November 26, 2007

2 posts in 1 day?!

I've had a pretty darn good day, all things considered. My job keeps me busy and I'm always working on different kinds of projects ... enuff to keep me out of trouble and off the streets most days! This morning I heard I'd won blog candy from Angel for a recent Thanksgiving card post (excuse me a sec here - yahoo!) ... and then we celebrated Pat's birthday (see past post) ... and then I came home and found a recent order from the kind folkes at The Cats Pajamas RS had arrived! They had a 25% off sale a weekend ago and I deffinitely took advantage! Woo hoo!

Angel's looking for weight loss buddies - I'm motivated, and if you are too, head on over to her blog post to scope it out!

I really should start inventorying my stamps - I've only just once had the misfortune of ordering a stamp set when I already had it, but they're starting to grow and multiply on their own in the deep recesses of the dark corner in my bedroom where I keep my stash! Anybody have ideas besides a spreadsheet?

Enough ramblings ... I'm outta here!
later, alligators!
- SueB

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