Thursday, November 8, 2007

Zero the Hero

I recall when my youngest attended kindergarten (back in those days I was a SAHM and the classroom helper Mom) that they had a series of math lessons based on Zero the Hero. It was cute - them making the zero out to be a wunderkid - and it's always stuck in my head, made me grin ...
Well, the kind folkes at the C-Thru Ruler Company have struck gold, in my opinion, with their Zero Hero Centering Ruler! Tho' it's not actually a "new" toy for me -- I've used it about a year or so now -- it's a staple I've kept with me in my traveling tool bag. I used it to find the center of the stamped items in yesterday's post.

product review: I know it's not THAT MUCH of a pain to hold a ruler to find the center of something; this just makes it SO much easier to accomplish! With this one being see-thru, you simply place it over while approximating the center of the item you're trying to center, then slide the ruler left/right until you have the same amount of space measured on either side of the zero ... and voila! You've found the center of your piece!

Isn't modern technology wonderful?! Later, alligators!

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