Tuesday, November 6, 2007

mama's got a brand new toy

OK, so I took liberty with the title - it's not a brand new toy. I got the Cuttlebug this past Mother's Day from my sweetie. I'd expressed wowisms for it's stylized flowers embossing tile and after checking the various embossers and their tiles decided this was the best fit for me. It was the only item on my wish list with the exception of some embossing tiles I'd have loved to receive with it. Problem is, every store the guys checked stock at were out of those I liked so they got me the Cuttlebug but no plates!

product review: I'd used the Ellison system since my kids were small (having volunteered at their schools since kindergarten days) so I understood the concept of die cutters. In the case of the Cuttlebug, setup is a piece of cake. Take the machine out of the box and place it on a flat surface. The machine input/output platforms are packaged folded up to the center, so you grip them and push down to lower them from a vertical to horizontal position which also makes the suction cups adhere the Cuttlebug to your flat surface. Put card stock between two pieces of an embossing folder if embossing, or above a cutting die with the cutting die facing up if die cutting. Place the item you're embossing or die cutting between two cutting pads and place all of this above a spacer pad, place everything on the machine platform, and turn the handle to make it pass thru the embosser. Other makers' dies and embossing plates can be used on this machine, which comes with an adapter cutting pad for that purpose. Want more info? Read more at the Provo Craft site.

Voila! Isn't modern technology wonderful?!

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