Thursday, December 18, 2008

Secret Santa 2009

I'm participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange at work and made this mini scrapbook for one of my gifts. Sorry for the washed out pics, but I probably won't have daylight and am too lazy to pull out my portable photo studio to make it any better, LOL!

The deets? Some of its pages were from CK's freebie download area, some from searches on the Internet, and some are pictures of 12x12" DP that I thought went with the project. I sized all the pages to 4x4" so I could use some coaster chipboard I had on hand, and recycled some thinner cardboard for the inside pages. I used Photoshop to make some areas transparent that were originally grey, changed some text from white to rust, and added the Christmas tree pic to the cover from the downloads. Then I put the whole thing together using my Bind-It-All. Voila!

I'm using Google's timed upload feature so its recipient doesn't spot the gift before our gift exchange - isn't modern technology wonderful?!