Thursday, March 17, 2011

a cypher of sorts

I was slowly driving myself crazy this evening, asking my DH, while watching Stranger Than Fiction (probably the BEST ever Will Ferrell movie EVUH!), blog trolling, and checking e-mail ...

me: what's that symbol called when you pull your initials together to create the symbol?
DH: I dunno, is this a test? what's it called?
me: I dunno, and it's making me crazy!
DH: can't you just type the question in and have the search engine return results?
me: (hold on ... busy typing)
DH: any luck?
me: sigh ... no. but I'm learning lots checking out these random sites.

Suddenly it just CAME to me! A CYPHER! We had a workshop in my needlepoint guild once, and all worked on creating cyphers, led by the lovely and talented Marge O'Brian (who we drove by today on our way back to work after lunch ... but too late to recognize her and beep a hello, so hello, Marge!). Some of us started using our cyphers to sign our pieces. Anywho, mine looked a lot like this picture, but with a less fancy letter "S."

See my initials in the gate? They're SLB ... the S is to the left, the B to the right, and the L goes down the middle!

I just wanted to share this w ya'll ... and it was kinda Irish too ... it's a picture of a section of a gate at Bunratty Castle, near the city of Shannon, in Ireland, taken by the lovely and talented kirby3131.

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